A student on the path of self-mastery herself, Ruth Dow Rogers brings a high-level of authenticity to her work. She believes that every person deserves the opportunity to discover their own optimum self, and relishes the role of “encourager and coach.”

Ruth Dow Rogers, MEd

Career and Life Coach

Ruth warmly acknowledges the strengths of her clients while insisting on personal responsibility. Having worked in settings ranging from the government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, entertainment, and high-tech fields; not much surprises Ruth, which gives her the unique ability to meet you right where you are.

Using techniques and materials grounded in her own life experience, education, (and spiritual path), Ruth promises they have little to do with theory (or religion), and everything to do with honoring both the client and the sacred in a practical way. Her facilitation creates the environment for wisdom, intuition, and insight to emerge—both hers and yours.

Ruth graduated from Boston University with a Master’s Degree in Education: Counseling and Human Services. She has been certified in both Meyer’s Briggs (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory Interpretation, is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), is a certified Soul Coach by Denise Linn, has studied and attended classes on the Enneagram, The Process of Inquiry by Byron Katie, Whole Hearted Living by Brene Brown, and is a trained and certified meditation teacher. Driven by the belief that joy can be intertwined throughout everything, she will assist you in the process of reframing your challenge, while being no less serious about the process.

             Ruth Dow Rogers

"Ruth is able to asses a situation, give caring and constructive feedback in such a way to inspire and motivate you to realize your own potential."

-Dana B.

"I was able to create a clear path and vision for my future. I enjoyed how Ruth was able to give me the tools to discover what it is that I really want to do!"

-Brandi C.


"I began working with Ruth for some career coaching..little did I know that it would absolutely change my life in such a positive way! Ruth's intuition and knowledge allowed her to help me in a way I never expected, but so badly needed! Thanks to Ruth, I was finally able to deal with what was holding me back, not only in my career, but in my life!"

-LuAnn S.

Your life has a purpose.


Your story is important.


Your dreams count.


Your voice matters.


You were born to make an impact.

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